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Monday 13th April, 2020


Hello Beauties,

Well well well, here I am and I can say i am 100% new to the blog life and let me explain why I am here!

Firstly, my name is Stacie and i have been the owner of Bellissima Girl for 8 years! I have always had a passion for the beauty industry since i can remember. I started BG in 2012 with my first course in Spray Tanning. I did spray tanning for a year whilst working fulltime at another job. 2013 came, which lead me into nail technology. I did these two professions together for another year and in 2014, i started Eyelash Extensions and Brow Sculpting. I left my day job in 2016, started working on BG fulltime and here we are in 2020, still running strong!

As we are facing one of the toughest times world wide due to COVID-19, i currently remain jobless as beauty salons were forced to close on March 25th. I am so passionate about what i do and i LOVE making other people feel so great and so CONFIDENT about themselves after they see me. I see myself as a hard worker with a very strong work ethic. Over the weeks of being closed, I have found it very hard to find stuff to do in all my spare time as i usually work Monday - Friday, 10 - 12 hours days. I can confidently say, the struggle of not working is real but i am trying my hardest to enjoy this time off as much as i can and put it to good use!

I kept finding myself sitting around and thinking of what i can do to keep myself busy through this time. I had a lot of clients reaching out to me over this break asking about their lashes and brows - how can they remove them, how can i get my lashes healthy over this break, which made me think I should do a total revamp on my website, take a different approach to it and focus it on my beauty (as it was previously clothing based) and start a blog!

So from here on, in my blogs you can find some of the best advice i can personally give you about your beauty needs, maintainance, why is this or that happening, things you can expect, ways to improve your brows and lashes and some groovy tips.

Thanks for dropping in .

S xx





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