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GIRLS WORST NIGHTWARE - I can't see my lash tech!

We are going through a sad time in life at the moment where we can't get into our lash techs because the beauty industry has been shut down, RIP LASHES 😭. You may not be feeling too good about yourself through this time being left with patchy, sparse eyelashes!

However, your number one rule is PLEASE DO NOT PICK YOUR LASHES OFF. Your lash tech won't be happy, you won't be happy and the outcome will make you feel worse than you already feel with no extensions.



Here's how:


1. Wash your face with an oil based wash. This will give a booster for the eyelashes to start to debond at the base. Do not scrub or exfoliate as this can cause damage or irritation.

2. Fill a bowl with steaming hot water, carefully place your face directly over the bowl and cover your head with a large towel so that the steam is trapped. Just go close enough to the steam so you are not in any sort of pain or can't breathe. Hold here for approximately 10 minutes as this will help soften the glue and encourage release of the extensions. TIP: add in some essential oils to speed up the process and have an aromatherapeutic feeling.

3. You now need oil. It can be coconut oil or olive oil. Dip a cotton ball / pad OR application swab in the oil you have picked and gently swipe along the lash line, helping the extensions slide off. You may need to repeat this step to dissolve the glue completely OR depending how fresh the extensions are, repeat these steps over several days until the eyelashes and glue are completely off.

4. Once the extensions are off, rinse your face with warm water to remove excess oil.

5. Once your lashes are off, I recommended using an eyelash serum to strengthen / grow your natural eyelashes back rapidly. You can purchase our serum here. This serum is also extension safe so you can continue to use it when you get your lashes back on.





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