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Eyelash Fact: Did you know our eyelashes job is to protect the eye from small particles entering the eye like dust or debris AND to protect the air flow over our eyeballs to avoid eye issues like dry eyes!!

On an average, we have 100 - 250 lashes on our upper lids and 70-100 on our lower. Over a 60-90 day cycle, our lashes replace themselves and when one lash falls out, another is waiting there to replace it.

We loose up to 1 - 7 natural lashes a day, which means it is completely normal to expect to loose 1 - 7 extensions in a day also.


1. It is important to understand that every human body is different in our own unique way. Have you ever found yourself saying to a friend "how do your lashes last so long?! You look like you have just had them refilled!" ... "Mine fall out sooo fast!" Here's the thing: there are clients that have cycles that naturally shed faster than others and there are clients that have a very slow cycle and will shed lashes at a much slower rate. This causes the results in the longevity of your extensions. It is so important to remember that everyone has a different body and they work in their own unique ways.


2. Another time we shed lashes rapidly is when the seasons change - "Season Moulting". Our bodies shed more hair, including our eyelashes, in Spring and Autumn. While it may sound strange, i want you to think about our fur babies that shed a lot of hair before the winter to allow for their winter coat and then shedding their winter coat in the spring so they can be cooler in the warmer months. If you are going through this shedding period and having less lashes bothers you, you may need to adjust your appointments to keep on top of it and visit your technician more frequently until you know the shed has passed / slowed down.


3. Ageing and Menopause. These two things often result in hormonal imbalances that thin the hair follicles. The lash follicles, where the lashes grow from, can slow or stop producing new lashes. This is also important to make sure if you have more mature lashes, you are not getting extensions put on that are too heavy or thick for your lashes which can result in permanent follicle damage and stop producing lash growth.


4. Medications, Herbs and Vitamins. Numerous medications, antibiotics in particular, effects the shedding and growth cycle of the natural lash. They play with your bodies chemistry, resulting in extensions not able to hold how they should. Be prepared if you are on antibiotics, for a rapid extension loss. Other common ones are thyroid and hormonal medications. Thyroid medications create the natural lashes to become more oily, brittle or dry. Vitamins and herbs that stimulate hair growth can also be a contributing factor for a rapid lash loss and vitamin deficiencies in vitamin B, C & D, Zinc, Iron and Protein.


5. Rubbing and touching your eyes. Trust me, I KNOW - sometimes you just can't prevent yourself from rubbing your eyes or having a little pick, but rubbing or picking at your extensions not only loosens the adhesive and cause the extension to fall out but you are transferring oils from your hands/fingers onto your extensions and we all know that oil and eyelash glue are NOT best friends. Picking and rubbing will also lead to the loss of your natural lashes, which means you will have gaps and there will not be a lot of lashes to put extensions on! No Picking Gals!


6. Makeup. It's perfectly alright to use a variety of make up when you have lash extensions but if you find yourself having a rapid lash drop out after wearing make up, you may have to look into what is in your makeup and be careful about the products you are choosing, especially if they come close to the lash line where the extensions are. MASCARA - one of the benefits for getting eyelash extensions is so we don't have to wear mascara, however there are people and times that we may need or want to wear it. Waterproof and oil based mascaras are a big NO, NO. If you wish to wear mascara, I sell an extension friendly one and you can purchase that, right here!


7. Oil Based Products. This applies for all makeup, lotions, eye creams, make up removers, soaps, shampoos and conditions. When washing your face, you need to avoid your eyes from all greasy, oil based products. This will dissolve the eyelash glue and result in a fast lash drop.


8. Excessive Exercise and Oily Skin. Unfortunately people with naturally oily skin are at high risk of their lash extensions be shorter lived. People who are active and do a lot of exercise also at high risk of rapid lash drops due to the amount of oils and sweat we produce. This potentially damages the extensions with the oiliness and humidity of our skin.


9. Sleeping Style. We all have different sleeping positions that we like to be in, but those who like sleeping on their stomach or in a weird position might have issues with their lash extensions falling out.  Smashing your face into the pillow every night can cause your extensions to bend or rub against the adhesive. It is recommended to sleep on a silk pillowcase rather than cotton. If you want to be extra careful, you can invest in a sleeping mask with cut out eye holes to protect the lashes from being affected.


10. Getting them wet within 24 hours after your appointment. I recommend to not get your lash extensions wet for at least 24 after your appointment as the glue is still curing. If you get them wet within that time frame, they can crystalize and cause irritation.


11. CLEANING CLEANING CLEANING! To extend the life of your lashes, you need to make sure you clean your lashes everyday to cleanse of any oils / sweat / dirt that gets on them. This will noticeably extend the life of your lashes and keep those nasty eye mites out!



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