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What is the business?

The great thing is, it is different for everyone because it is your business and you manage it however it feels right for you and what works for you. The basic business principles though is authentically sharing your experience with natural living products and receiving commission.

Things that you will find in starting your own business with me:

  • your love for natural living and wellness will increase

  • you receive me and other amazing souls as your business mentor.

  • your home will always smell amazing as you diffuse pure plant magic

  • you will be apart of a incredible, uplifting and supportive community

  • there is no selling products or huge financial outlay

  • no stock is held by you or requirements for arranging shipping

  • you will receive access to mentorships, boot camps, social media workshops, content and materials all beautifully designed and free for you to use to get your business up and running

  • financial potential is endless

  • freedom, whatever that means to you, can be achieved.


How do i get started?

It is as simple as purchasing the Premium Starter Kit or other choice of kit and opting for Essential Rewards. That is the only business requirement. From there, you will be joining my team and I would be so honoured to walk this journey alongside you.

All we do is use, love and share about the Young Living lifestyle surrounded by support from the most lovely community. You might not realise it at the start but the community of these amazing souls whose passion is to raise each other up and work towards dreams as a team is the best part — it truly does matter who you sign up with. My advice, find your person and blossom from there.

If this is something you are interested in, I am here with open arm for you to connect with me and start exploring what it might look like for you.


Start your journey.

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