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One of the most effective tools for prolonging lash extension life.  For best results use every other day for extra protection and longer lashlife.

Protects the adhesive from moisture, humidity, and oils, preventing your lashes from failing prematurely. Can also be used over the top of mascara to protect from smudging.



This protective coating sealant is produced by manufacturers of eyelash extension glue to ensure the glue is protected from extreme elements such as heat and cold. or just general every day wear and tear.


DV Perfect Coating -  This provides your Eyelash Extension with protection from oils and other elements, it helps to assist the longevity of the glue.  This product will seal the glue to the natural lash.  It protects the lash by providing a membrame between the adhesive bonding agent (glue) to guard against oil; perspiration; dust and debris.  It will hold the style and shape of the Eyelash Extension whilst adding a subtle shine to the Eyelash. 


Directions for use:  Apply a thin coating to the Eyelash Extension without touching the eyelid.  This product should be used before applying mascara and can be applied daily.  This product also serves as a mascara coating to ensure your DV Mascara will not smude or flake. 

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