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Selenite Lamp Size: approx. 27-30 cm

Includes Electric cord and Globe

Please note this product varies in shape, weight and color as they are individually handcrafted from 100% Selenite.


PROPERTIES: One of the most popular crystals used to cleanse and recharge other crystals. It is perfect for recharging and cleansing your crystals of any negative or unwanted energies that build up.

Selenite works with our Crown Chakra and can help clear away any negative energy. It is known as the stone for mental clarity. If you are feeling confused, stressed or down, these crystal lamps can help you find your sense of calm and peace within yourself. This lamp is ideal for meditation or spiritual work.

Selenite is a great stone for breastfeeding and for nurturing a child. It is a calm stone that creates deep peace and a safe, sacred space around the user.

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